Wow! Momo | Business Case Study

Introduction :-
The first and only Quick service restaurant serving with greatest chain of branded momos.It provide with different variations in momo with delicious sauces in more than 300 outlets in 13 cities.
In the very starting of Wow! Momo Sagar thought to bring shop and shop format so they approach to a Supermarket chain Spencer’s. Initially, Sagar and Binod stand there in wow! mom T-shirt and they cut one momo into three pieces and approach every customer of Spencer’s to taste their momo and it was the beginning of their journey.

About :-

CEO – Sagar Daryani
Co founder – Binod Homogai
CFO – Shah Miftaur
Established -2008
Initial capita – Rs. 30,000
Head office – Kolkata, Indian
Industry – Food and Beverage
Genre – Quick service restaurant
Area served – India
No. of location – 13 cities
Head chef – Chef Ramji
Investors –
Indian Angel Network – Rs. 10crs in 2015
Light House Funds – Rs. 44 crs in 2017
Tiger Global Management – Rs. 168 crs in 2019
Anicut capital – Rs. 45 crs in 2020
Business model – COCO (Company owned Company Operate) It is followed by hub and spoke model where a centered kitchen is established and manage all stores of the city.
Product – Momo
Specialized -Momo and dumpling
Expanded – kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kanpur, Lucknow, Kochi, Bhubaneshwar, Cuttak, Puri, Pune and Hyderabad.
First day sale – Rs. 2200
First month sale – Rs. 53000
Revenue – Rs. 120 crs (FY 19)
Rs. 200 crs (FY 20)

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“Customer’s are biggest investors .One good customer come with 10 good customers”
• “Happy employees leads to happy customer and happy customer come back again “.
• “Money needs to make money “.

Their Beliefs –

A college student who is messed up
with number of calculations come up with a simple idea which make
him to made net worth of Rs. 860 crs out
of Rs. 30000 only….
That is about 2 college friends Sagar
daryani and binod homagai founder of
wow momo

History :-
• The journey started with momo
aunty -a fantastic momo seller
outside St. Xavier school where sagar
use to study… her momo give him the
confidence to do something brilliant
with momo… In school days while others were
interested in different entertaining
stuffs sagar was fascinated in
collecting different business logos
As he knows he was weak in studies he
can’t go for CAT so he keep his interest
towards business .After completing his
schooling he admitted in St. Xavier
college for bcom honors where he
meet his Nepali friend Binod who was
passionated in cooking momo…

• While their late night studies they use to cook pastas and Maggie
using domino’s organo …and garlic bread…. Basically they came up with different innovation in cooking… so
they come up with an idea of momos business.. They thought like people are playing with burger and
Pizza so why can’t we play with
momo… .in final year they job offer
from an international bank with the
package of 3 lac. Which was a
handsome amount by 2008 but
they rejected their offer and started
their momo business with the
ground floor of an apartment of 6/6
at jadhavpur with an starting capital
of 30000 .

• They hier a chief Ramji with starting
salary of 3000 now who’s package is
more than 1.5 lac

• Ramji came 6 at the morning they
take cycle to buy ingredients to
prepare momo. They thought to
bring shop and shop format so they
approach to Spencer’s Vinod and
sagar stand their in wow momo T-
shirt and they cut one momo into
three pieces and approach every
customer of Spencer’s to taste their
momo and this is how their journey
begins… .

• Their second stall was outside
bigbazar with the commission of
18% …..after that Spencer’s feel like
they guy’s are doing well and this
make them a brand from a very
humble beginning ….
• They started making 7-8 lac per
month… they use to save money from 2 stores to open 3rd one and
from 3 to 4th one and so on… .in
2015 March they are having 43
stores and net worth of 19 to 20 crs
with no equity no funding… they
believe that their customers are
their biggest investors …Now in
2015 they raised fund of 10 crs from
Indian angel network with 100 crs
of valuations. Now they are having
money so they entered in Delhi NCR
the highest retail rental cost in the
country and it was the big boom for
them .
And again in 2017 they raise fund
for Rs. 250 crs

Conclusion :-

Now today after the investment of Rs.130 crs by tiger global management
valuations of the company is over
860 Crs they are in 13 cities with
317 outlets.

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