Colonel sander! Success story of KFC

Kentucky fried chicken is an America based fast food restraunt chain. It start with 40 years old Harland Sanders with his mom’s chicken recipe . He started feeding hungry traveller ina humble service station in Corbin . And from there KFC become the second largest restraunt in the world.

Colonel Harland Sanders

Early Life

Harland Sanders born in the small town of Indiana in the year 1890 .At the age of 12 after his father passed away he took the responsibilities on his shoulder and left home to find some job to support his poverty stricken family .

Later his mom was remarried when he was 12 year old .Because his new step father didn’t like the boys era he send him to work in a farm about 8 miles away .

Sanders soon realised that he would rather work all day than go to school so he dropped out in 7th grade .Later he started working at various places without proper goal Sanders spend half of his life doing a series of odd jobs through out struggling in the steam engines of train selling insurance , selling tyres making lighting system and operating a fairy bolt .

The only skill he possesd was cooking that his mother has taught him from the age of 7. After trying his hands on many odd jobs he couldn’t stay at any place for long At the end He became a cook and dishwasher in a cafe .

Finally in 1930 he settled into a permanent job of self willing station just out side the small city called North Corbin .

Hatching of KFC

In his free time Sanders used to cook dishes his mother had taught him and serve in the studio house which he had converted into small eatry and soon his country hand recipie took a big hit with travellers .with all the savings he had Sanders buy a large place near by to accomodate ever increasing customers. He increase the dishes and included the legendary fried chicken recipie for the first time in 1936.

By the year 1937 he expanded now to accomodate upto 150 people at the same time . He was extremely happy that he had become successful . But he was always looking to improve his production and expand his customers bill .

In order to expand his food chain he started travelling by car to different restraunt and cooked a fried chicken on the spot on restraunt orders Sanders recipie was rejected by 1009 restraunts as they do not like the taste but Sanders never give up .

He knew that his recipie is one of a kind .

Sander as head chef


He ever went ahead with same conflict as he use to have and find Pete Harman , his friend who owns one of the largest restraunt in Salt lake city. Harman agrees to sell Sanders recipie in his restraunt “Do Drop Inn” which increase his sale by 75%. Harman was the one who created KFC bucket which still exist .Soon more restraunt making the sell of this new recipie of fried chickens in their restraunt.
By 1963 nearly 600 restraunts were selling his recipie . By 1967 KFC was at the peak of cloy .Sanders decided sold KFC to John Y. Brown and Jack Massey in $2 Million and remains the official face of his company.
At the age of 75 he decided to be the best sales company to grow beyond its capacity.
Sanders was never really worried about making money.He always focused on quality and consumer behaviour than anything else.
By the year 1967 , KFC had become 6th largest business restraunt in the sale volume in US.
Later KFC started of by starting stores in Canada, soon spread itself into further 40 countries, 3000 outlets at the end of 1970.
By 1997 KFC came under the ownership of YUM brand.
Soon they added many more recipes like desert, sandwiches and drinks to compliment it’s fried chicken. By the year 1991 it doubled its sales and reach on estimate of $ 6.2 Billion.And total of 8500 outlets around the world.


Today KFC is the second largest restraunt chain in the world. It face many ups and downs and remain crowded ever .Since with 24000 locations globally in 150 countries with the revenue of$ 27.9 billion .KFC today is one of the biggest brands in the world.
Sanders reflect the motivation to become as well as that he could of pass but he is known in 150 countries for his favourite fried chicken recipe which is beyond that he could ever hope for at the age of 65.
The success of KFC is the result endless try , expandence and persistence of Colonel Sanders to make it one of the biggest brand in the world.
Bugscollector salutes Colonel Sanders for his intractable persistence , commitment and determination.

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